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Website Closing

We are winding down here at BLP and would like to take a moment to thank all of our readers and supporters over the last few years.  That being said, the website will soon be unavailable, so if there are any last minute PDF issues of BLP that you are interested in purchasing, now is the time to buy! The latest issue of BLP is also available for FREE. Thank you for taking the time to stop by, and we hope you enjoy a last taste of the macabre!

Black Lantern, Issue No. 10 NOW AVAILABLE!

We are pleased to announce the release of BLP's 10th and final installment.  This issue is the culmination of several years' work, and to us, is an exemplary collection demonstrating what Black Lantern has always been about--delivering well-written, spine-chilling tales of the macabre.  As a thank you to our contributors and readers, we are offering the final issue of BLP for free in e-format.  It is also available in e-pub format for your ipad or e-reader. 

Click here to view the issue on your Kindle device.

We would like to extend our  gratitude to those who made this final issue such a treat for us, and hope that you enjoy the latest from BLP!    

What's New for Black Lantern

Black Lantern's 10th and final issue is now in the works with some amazing stories to close out our little publication.  We are excited and anticipate another amazing issue in the few weeks to come.  That being said, we would like to extend our thanks to our contributors, and for our future contributors who would have liked to have been published by our press, we would like to thank you for your time and interest in our company.  Please refer to our submission guidelines for a few more words regarding submissions from here on out.

Thank you all for your continued support and don't forget to visit the webstore to pick up a copy of BLP before it's too late! Back issues are still available, for a limited time!

A Word from Our Editor.

Thank you to all our readers, artists, and writers, for making Black Lantern Publishing, such a wonderful success.  The team of Black Lantern has enjoyed several years working with talented and amazing artists from all over the world, and it has been a wonderful journey which has impacted our lives (and we hope yours) greatly.  Unfortunately, as with all good things, we are sad to say that Black Lantern Publishing will be officially closing its publication by February 2013.  We are in the process of working on our upcoming, 9th Issue, which will be available for purchase by mid-November, and one final issue, Issue No. 10, which will appear in February.  Because of this, we are no longer offering subscriptions to our print or PDF magazine.  Readers may still purchase individual copies of the journal, as they remain available, from our Web Store.

Please note that this is not a sad time for the staff here at BLP--each of our team has a new, exciting venture for the upcoming year, and we are assured that our writers and artists will continue to maintain success in this difficult market and economic time.  

If you are a writer, please see our submissions page for a note regarding submissions.

Otherwise, thank you all again for what will be an amazing five years of macabre tales! We wish you all the best in the upcoming months, and look forward to the release of Issue No. 9 in a few short weeks.

Warm Regards,

Rebecca A. Huggins


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CROW Magazine, Issue No. 5 October 2012

We're pleased to announce the relase of CROW Magazine, our imprint for middle and young adult readers, 5th October Issue!  GIving readers a specail insider's look at  early America's history, including tales of the Algonquin tribe and a special figure in American History, Pocahontas.  

For $10 a year, you can receive three, fun, educative, and insightful issues of CROW, while supporting literacy programs in our nation's schools.  Be sure to swing by the Web Store today and purchase your subscription to CROW.  And don't forget to take a sneak peak inside this issue of CROW Magazine. 

Issue No. 8

After several months of anticipation, Black Lantern Publishing is pleased to announce the release of our latest addition of macabre tales--Issue No. 8.  Featuring work by Steven March, Kimberly Lojewski, John Martin, among others, and featuring artwork by Amanda Turco, Hannah Lee Stockdale, and cover art by Danny Schwartz.  

Issue No. 8 features an eclectic selection of tales from the dark swamps in the deep south to an icy winter in Poland, where witches, ghosts, and the occasional murderer, sweep through the lives of the unsuspecting, rural towns.  Print and PDF copies of Issue No. 8 are now available at our Web Store.  

Read an excerpt from Issue No. 8: The Swamp Witch by Stephen March.

Review, Issue No. 5

BLP is proud to announce the latest review of Issue No. 5 by Newpages reviewer, Jennifer Vande Zande.  Zande writes:

Aaron Milstead?s short story ?The Pickled Man? was such an easy and captivating read that I suggested to my twelve-year-old son that he read it as well. As I predicted, he devoured the story of Wilber Will?s World of Wonders that features a mysterious oddity floating around in a pickle jar. That night, at around two a.m., I awoke to a shadowy figure standing at the foot of my bed. I knew immediately that figure was my son and that he?d just had a nightmare featuring, not surprisingly, the pickled man. After putting him back to bed, I thought about the power of Milstead?s story. It had left an unsettling?

[Read full review here


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